MARK: Lex. I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work. And Sloan’s gone. There’s no baby. And I don’t want to sleep around. I want another chance. I’m in love with you.
LEXIE: Karev is.. He’s.. Mark, I.. I.. have a boyfriend.
MARK: I know. I’m saying you can have a husband..
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 1. 6.22, Shiny Happy People.
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MARK: Hey she’s, uh, still sedated and she’s just a kid, she shouldn’t have a big ugly scar. Do you mind waiting? Be about another hour.
LEXIE: I love you…so yeah just, uh, take your time. I, um, I’ll wait.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 2. 7.11, Disarm.
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MARK: Sorry I’m late.
LEXIE: Uh.. Dad, this is, um, Mark Sloan. Dr. Mark Sloan. He—He’s my, uh—
THATCHER: Teacher?
LEXIE: No, no. He—He’s my… He’s… Mark.
MARK: Nice to meet you, Mr. Grey. So nice to meet you.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 3. 5.21, No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance).
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LEXIE: Did I forget to clean something?
MARK: No, I just need to talk to you.
LEXIE: No. You don’t though. I know that you want to be here, but you don’t have to.
MARK: Wait.
LEXIE: I went through a rough patch, and you helped me, and I appreciate that. But I am moving out of it and you won’t let me. You know, you’re treating me like I am a basketcase, and- and everyone is watching you, and they’re believing you. I had a good day today. I saved a girl today. I did that. I am a good doctor, and I don’t deserve for people to think that I am anything less than that. So could you please just leave me alone? Can you do that? Can you just leave me alone?
MARK: You got it.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 5. 7.02, Shock to the System.
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MARK: You don’t have to do this. I know you hate me.
LEXIE: I don’t hate you.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 6. 7.18, The Song Beneath the Song.
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LEXIE: Yes, the odds are against us. I’m a one woman wrecking ball, all I do is break you. Your hand, your penis, your relationships, your life. I’d say our survival rate is about 3 percent. And that’s, that’s, that’s bad. But, it’s not nothing. And I don’t think we should give up on this. At least not yet because…Okay.
MARK: You think you broke me little Grey? You’re the one that put me back together.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 8. 5.17, I Will Follow You Into The Dark.
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LEXIE: Were you just checking out my ass?
MARK: Not the first time, won’t be the last.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 9. 7.07, That’s Me Trying.
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MARK: Little Grey.
LEXIE: It’s not Little Grey. It’s Lexie. And I’m sorry that I broke… that I hurt you. And I’m sorry that you’re humiliated. But I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got a friend who is guarding the door. A good friend. And since no-one is going to be coming in, I’m now going to climb into bed with you and stroke your hair. Because that’s what I like to have done for me, when I’m hurt.
TOP TEN MARK & LEXIE SCENES: 10. 5.13, Stairway to Heaven.
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