Rex is violent and he hates us.

Hey, Ted said that right before the accident, his life flashed before his eyes.You know, all the stuff he loves. Did that happen to you?

In exactly 45 days from now you and I are going to meet and we’re going to fall in love and we’re going to get married and we’re going to have 2 kids and we’re going to love them and each other so much. All that is 45 days away, but I’m here now I guess because… I want those extra 45 days with you. I want each one of them.

How I Met Your Mother, ‘Last Forever’; Fan Service, A Good Or Bad Thing?


I’ve been wanting to write about the controversial How I Met Your Mother series finale for a long time, but I’ve been putting it off spouting excuses such as ‘I have exams’ or ‘I’m really tired today’, when in reality I’m still incredibly bitter over it.  And that’s not solely due to the disappointing ending to fan favourite couple Robin and Barney (I won’t deny that that’s part of the reason), it was just lacklustre all round, and a complete disservice to the fans and most importantly to the characters.  When a long running much loved show takes it’s final bow, you want it to be on a massive scale, going all out, giving you the opportunity to really say goodbye, not leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth and regretting that you devoted so much of your time to watching it.  And HIMYM failed to deliver.  9 seasons, 208 episodes, and I was left feeling angry and betrayed.

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