hello i'm victoria and you may call me either vicky or perfection i'm not fussy. i'm basically the most adorable person on the planet and also the cutest. chyler leigh is the love of my life but sometimes, maybe emily is okay. i watch more tv than you can ever hope to and my gifs are superb. i get emotional over fictional characters and shonda rhimes ruined my life.

emily smells :)

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the names vicky, aka the slexie queen. i'm just a tiny bit in love with chyler leigh (okay well, a LOT in love) and i make awesome gifs and am super cute and crazy smart and adorable and hilarious and i live on a island it's pretty you should be jealous

TREENA i love you <3

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About me: hiiiii my name is Victoria and I'm truly madly deeply head over heels for Chyler Leigh. I'm super intelligent and funny and pretty and one time I hugged Billie Piper.

YES YES that’s perfect (except not super intelligent, pretty, funny)

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I think Slexie Memorial would be even better

Why?  That’s neither of their names. 

(And ps.  I’ve always hated that portmanteau)

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Please just get over Lexie's death she is a *character* and I know she may feel real but when it comes to the point that it's affecting your real life it's an actual problem that needs addressing




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when you do the math and realize mark was 44 and lexie was 28 omg

…what’s that supposed to mean?  

age gaps that big aren’t necessarily uncommon when people are over 20.  it’s not like it’s even a big deal either, they’re both consenting adults.

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Been trying to google what the Grey's Anatomy fandom is called and have had no luck. Do you know it or know if it exists?

emotionally crippled.

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Hi, are you the really Chyler Leigh, who did the caracter Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy. I'm sorry for my bad english I am portuguese. xoxo <3


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chyler i want to thank you for being part of grey's for a long time and making me love you. Maybe you can come back as a ghost?

i will be back.  don’t worry.

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because they are the most annoying, and least developed couple on the show.

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