girl-of-the-science: Hi, are you the really Chyler Leigh, who did the caracter Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy. I'm sorry for my bad english I am portuguese. xoxo <3


Anonymous: chyler i want to thank you for being part of grey's for a long time and making me love you. Maybe you can come back as a ghost?

i will be back.  don’t worry.

Anonymous: you may be one of the greatest actresses i know. Thanks you, shonda rhymes, and Eric Dane for making me cry.

i’m not actually chyler leigh

Anonymous: how many followers?

almost 4500 :)

Anonymous: But you always go on about how big a Greys fan you are... not meaning any offence by this, I'm just confused cause I thought you enjoyed the show as a whole, not just Chyler

i am a big grey’s fan, i’m a big grey’s fan up until the end of season 8 - except for the finale, i hated that.  i enjoyed the show as a whole for a long time, but i began to find myself only interested in lexie and mark in season 7 and then in season 8.  sure i like other characters and pairings, but i’m just going to youtube their scenes. i dont want to watch it because it’s too painful.

Anonymous: Please tell me the reason you're not watching Greys any more isn't because Lexie died? Because that's kinda petty, it's a good show, even without her...

uh, it’s not kinda petty when the only reason i watched season 8 was for her - she’s my favourite character, and chyler leigh is my favourite actress.  i was only interested in her scenes, and mark & lexie scenes. i’m not interested in the rest of the show.  

asdfghjklwruio-deactivated20131: "it’s quintessentially british" <-- thats part of why its bad. but its also just terrible in general.. my whole family is disappointed. idk how to explain

:/ well im sorry but i think that’s kinda offensive

asdfghjklwruio-deactivated20131: i could not be more serious. its SO BAD

it’s quintessentially british so how can it be bad

asdfghjklwruio-deactivated20131: SERIOUSLY THOUGH? ITS SO SHIT

are you being serious

andreaholden: tara maclay, arizona robbins, monica gellar, jane rizzoli, emma swan

jane rizzoli

emma swan

monica gellar

tara maclay

arizona robbins