Anonymous: lexie grey, veronica mars, oliver queen, mark sloan, and juliette barnes


lexie grey, juliette barnes, veronica mars, mark sloan, oliver queen

Anonymous: You seem a little obsessed with Chyler...... Wanting to puke after thinking about her? Err.. Get yourself checked

quite honestly, who do you think you are?  

tumblr is a website for people who are fans.  being a fan may mean you like something a small amount, or a large amount, and that’s how much i’m a fan of chyler.  she’s incredibly private as far as celebrities go, and so to get any sort of photos/videos/news about her life makes me very, very excited.  she’s my inspiration.  and quite honestly, who are you tell me to change how i love the things or people that i love?

so i suggest, that you “get yourself checked” because your attitude is completely wrong for a website like this, and people are honestly just going to find you extremely offensive.  

Anonymous: Are you the real Chyler Leigh? Why did you leave Grey's Anatomy? I miss Lexie, why did you kill her off? Please reply!!! xxxxx

….yes, yes i am

Anonymous: chyler i want to thank you for being part of grey's for a long time and making me love you. Maybe you can come back as a ghost?

i will be back.  don’t worry.

Anonymous: you may be one of the greatest actresses i know. Thanks you, shonda rhymes, and Eric Dane for making me cry.

i’m not actually chyler leigh

Anonymous: how many followers?

almost 4500 :)

Anonymous: But you always go on about how big a Greys fan you are... not meaning any offence by this, I'm just confused cause I thought you enjoyed the show as a whole, not just Chyler

i am a big grey’s fan, i’m a big grey’s fan up until the end of season 8 - except for the finale, i hated that.  i enjoyed the show as a whole for a long time, but i began to find myself only interested in lexie and mark in season 7 and then in season 8.  sure i like other characters and pairings, but i’m just going to youtube their scenes. i dont want to watch it because it’s too painful.

Anonymous: Please tell me the reason you're not watching Greys any more isn't because Lexie died? Because that's kinda petty, it's a good show, even without her...

uh, it’s not kinda petty when the only reason i watched season 8 was for her - she’s my favourite character, and chyler leigh is my favourite actress.  i was only interested in her scenes, and mark & lexie scenes. i’m not interested in the rest of the show.  

Anonymous: Vicky, I love you so much! You are the sweetest and nicest person ever and you deserve all the best in this world! I'm so happy that you are receiving so many messages for your birthday :) Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true! <3

you’re so sweet and nice, thank you :) it was a lovely lovely day

Anonymous: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, your blog is perfection and you're also too! ♥

kjqwkljasd thank youuu!