What do you think when people say that Jo is a cheap Izzie replacement and that Alex will never love her like he loved Izzie?

lol are you kidding 

jo treats him infinitely better than izzie ever did

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lexie is dead

thanks for the friendly reminder

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You seem a little obsessed with Chyler...... Wanting to puke after thinking about her? Err.. Get yourself checked

quite honestly, who do you think you are?  

tumblr is a website for people who are fans.  being a fan may mean you like something a small amount, or a large amount, and that’s how much i’m a fan of chyler.  she’s incredibly private as far as celebrities go, and so to get any sort of photos/videos/news about her life makes me very, very excited.  she’s my inspiration.  and quite honestly, who are you tell me to change how i love the things or people that i love?

so i suggest, that you “get yourself checked” because your attitude is completely wrong for a website like this, and people are honestly just going to find you extremely offensive.  

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respectfully, why don't you ship calzona? :)

because i dont see any chemistry between them.  i don’t like the way arizona has always treated callie like she’s not good enough because she likes guys too, and arizona always acts so entitled and like her problems are worse than everyone elses. 

i also feel like there just wasn’t enough development - it was done so fast whereas good relationship development takes time.

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Lexie Grey?

i have never loved a character more than i love her

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Are you the real Chyler Leigh? Why did you leave Grey's Anatomy? I miss Lexie, why did you kill her off? Please reply!!! xxxxx

….yes, yes i am

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I think Slexie Memorial would be even better

Why?  That’s neither of their names. 

(And ps.  I’ve always hated that portmanteau)

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Please just get over Lexie's death she is a *character* and I know she may feel real but when it comes to the point that it's affecting your real life it's an actual problem that needs addressing




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when you do the math and realize mark was 44 and lexie was 28 omg

…what’s that supposed to mean?  

age gaps that big aren’t necessarily uncommon when people are over 20.  it’s not like it’s even a big deal either, they’re both consenting adults.

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Been trying to google what the Grey's Anatomy fandom is called and have had no luck. Do you know it or know if it exists?

emotionally crippled.

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