about me

hi, i’m vicky, and i’m twenty.  i watch too much tv, and this is what i look like.  i love chyler leigh. if you want to contact me elsewhere use one of these.  since i’m awful at this here are some other people describing me:

  • "hi i’m vicky i’m really cool and flawless and you should really get to know me because BITCHES LOVE VICKY also say something bad about lexie grey (rip crying) and i will eat your children ok xxxxx" from asya
  • "hey there i’m vicky i smell all the time people can actually smell me through the computer also i’m one of the best people in the world xoxo" from clara
  • "hi i’m vicky and i love lexie grey and doctor who and slexie and lexie grey and i am really kind of amazing, and i make gifs that are awesome and i love my tree ;) i have alot of dvds and am the queen of slexie and did i mention i love lexie grey." from treena
  • "i’m really icky and stupid and i love amy lots and lots" from amy
  • "I am an amazing blue eyed angel with pretty blonde hair and beautiful smile, i love my friends and i am always here for them. I am also very great in photoshop and my edits are better than anyone else’s. Also i am very funny and friendly so come here and be my new friend. - the end." from irina
  • "hi i’m vicky and i like to randomly order people to stay awake to entertain me even when it’s way past their bedtime. but i do it cause i love them. also i love birthdays and slexie and this great invention called a toilet that allows me to pee every 5 seconds. oh and amanda, because she’s awesome" from amanda